Jeffrey Saldinger

My early engagement with photography, having gone into hibernation in 1973, resurfaced in 2009, when I bought my first digital camera in order to photograph my paintings and drawings for my website. In the years since, my engagement in photography has intensified. I have taken great pleasure in the painterly color photographs of Saul Leiter; in the black-and-white photography of the New York School (especially as defined by Jane Livingston’s 1992 book); and in the “reflection” self-portrait photographs of Vivian Maier.  The greatest influence on my photography has been my thirty-plus years’ engagement with painting.

Chemistry and library science are the fields in which I was formally educated. Much of my art education took place in the Frick Collection; the Frick Art Reference Library; the Metropolitan Museum of Art; the New York Society Library; dozens of New York galleries; and the 1981/82 exhibition of the works of Giorgio Morandi.

I was born in Brooklyn in 1947; began to draw in 1981; and to paint in oils in 1988. My first solo show (self-portrait paintings) came in 1995. The focus of my painting and drawing (and a part of my photography) has been self-portraiture.

My wife, Willa Cox, is also an artist (her website is She was raised in Hawaii and, in 1983, moved to New York for the art.  Discussions with her about her works and my works and all the works we have seen together have been as important to me as any resource I mentioned in the second paragraph.

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